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A committed partner for resellers.

Gemini's "Health and comfort" range is an outstandingly good seller both through wholesale distributors and from individual retailers, as well as via mail-order.

For the benefits of both, wholesale distributors and individual retailers we:

  • provide up-to-the-minute service offers
  • are a well established brand with a long history behind us
  • offer an optimal price-performance ratio
  • ensure that you can sell on attractive, comfortable shoes which are not susceptible to the vagaries of fashion
  • provide support with marketing concepts, e.g. in product features and packaging.

Around 800 specialist shoe retailers, orthopaedic centres and medical services providers in Germany sell Gemini shoes and are supported by our field sales team. Outside Germany, we supply to Holland, France, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Sweden, Finland and Israel.

We also have an excellent set-up to handle the requirements of mail-order companies.That's because we:

  • offer fast re-supply options, within just a few weeks
  • have a flexible manufacturing operation
  • supply on time and with the models you request.

Our shoes are sold by many of the major German mail-order companies such as Avena, Bader, Baur, Klingel, Vamos and Witt. In Belgium and France, our products are carried by Damart and L'Homme Moderne.

We are always responsive to the wishes of our customers. We willingly take up all suggestions, criticisms or ideas, because each offers an opportunity to become even better.

We are always there in person for you and we look forward to meeting you at the various trade fairs or in our retailer area.

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