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Wellness and comfort.

Walking, standing, strolling, sitting, dancing, hiking. Our feet do a hard job of work every day. Gemini shoes coddle you with every single step. They are outstandingly comfortable, soft and relaxing to wear. High-quality natural materials, various width fittings, light soles and comfortable insoles ensure that our customers are well afoot all the time.

Shoes in the Gemini range are really built to last because they are fashionable without simply going along with every trend, no matter what. We develop and manufacture our shoes with great care, for the most part hand-crafted, and always with a keen sence of detail. We are only satisfied when everything comes together perfectly: function, material, design, finish, and price.

This way of thinking and doing are, naturally, also shared by our development and production partners. We similarly see ourselves as a reliable and service-oriented partner to mail-order operations and retailers.

Gemini shoes make you feel good on the go.