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Feel good, right down the line.

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Wie use our feet and legs to travel approximately 160,000 km over the course of our lives. This ist four times the circumference of the earth! The Healthiest and most natural way to walt would be to tread barfoot on soft grass and forst soil like our ancestors did.

The sole of the foot is gently stimulated when we walk without shoes. With uneven surfaces and different textures, every ground and subsoil offers an intense sensual experience. This not only vitalises the feet and legs, but does the whole body good. Unfortunately, the hard, cold cement and asphalt surfaces we walk on every day do not offer this experience.

As a result, you should treat your feet to a little "fitness vacation" with Multiwell. Enjoy the soft massage triggered by the pressure of your body weight on the many waves of the foot bed. Your feet are pampered and invigorated with every step, just like walking barefoot! Even if you were on your feet for hours, you will experience a light, exhilarating felling.

The Multiwell insole is designed to provide:

  • stimulation for improved blood circulation and localised blood supply
  • harmonisation of the autonomic nervous system
  • a cushioning effect for the spinal column
  • eased walking and standing.