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Development + Production

Ideas, enthusiasm, and expertise.

When you put on a pair of our shoes, you can feel and see their softness, lightness, robustness and beauty instantly. Behind this product stand high-quality materials, modern technologies and people who continue the craft tradition using today?s expertise, to ensure that you have the full pleasure of walking.

How do we manufacture our wonderfully foot-friendly shoes? All our models are developed here in Germany ? carefully matched to the requirements of your feet, and developed in close collaboration with our designer.

The lasts are manifactured in German factories, matching to our guidelines and standards. During manufacture, the last takes on the role of your foot, serving as a model for the shape of the shoe. This is why it is of critical importance for the subsequent fit, the perfect way the foot sits in the shoe, and thus the overall comfort of the shoe.

Our manufacturing is carried out exclusively in selected small businesses. Thus, our collaboration founds on trust, partnership and friendship. We visit all our manufacturers each year several times per season. This encourages a sense of what is feasible and deepens the understanding of our high quality standards concerning materials, processing, and flexibility during production.